Review. Complaints and Issues Addressed? Wow.

This review covers many of the complaints people have been mentioning here. And elsewhere. But it's in depth at least. Most I've seen talk about either multiplayer or campaign, and ignore the other.


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Wouldn't even read. Reviews are opinions, and the only opinion that matters in gaming is your own. When people start buying my games for me, Ill listen to their babble. I crack up when I go to Gamestop because every nerd behind the counter has 2 cents to spit about EVERY purchase. Sorry bro, you're a cashier, I don't really give two shites what you think about anything......pretty much the same goes for these writers. WAIT WHAT YOU GUYS LIKE A GAME THAT I DONT OR VICE VERSA!!!?????!!!!!?????????!?!??!??!?!?!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT........SHOCKING.

yea, I gave it an 8

"For returning fans, it is definitely worth a buy."

Agreed. 7/10 is probably fair because a lot of reviews are inflated.

This game is fun and that has been missing from games for a few years now.

so you created an account just to post this? this is just some random review like everyone elses in the world, his opinion means as much as mine and yours.