revealing the unseen

is anyone else having probs with focusing the the crystal? i use both flames and frostbite and the lights dont move at all idk if its me or if its a glitch. somebody help plz lol


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It's not "glitched" that I know of but it was a little annoying. I would try aiming at different spots. It was a little tricky.

OK ill try i keep going back to try but ive been stuck on it for days any tips of where to maybe hit the crystal?

Sorry I don't remember exactly where? That was almost 60 hours ago. I would just say read a Wiki on it. If I remember correctly, I just got frustrated and starting blasting fire and ice everywhere and they started to move. From there it was just "fine tuning".

Are you using the novice flames and frostbite spells? I don't think it'll work with anything else. Aim at the inserted crystal and all the beams should move around. If it's not moving at all then it's probably bugged out for you for some reason.

Are you pressing the three buttons at that control panel thing? It shifts the circular mirrors, I missed this at first.

yea i am using novice frostbite and flames and yes i used the buttons lol i just cant get the beams of light to move

Try using frostbite like 3 or 4 straight times, I believe that is what worked for me.

Oh and you may need to exit that floor of the dungeon then re-enter so the area will reload.

ok thanks ill try that cant hurt lol

Be sure to aim lright under the arrow. That's where I was missing it.