Reup a second time

People had already reup a second time just a few days after the dlc came out. How is this possible? There has to be a boosting exploit because there's no way it can be done in less than 5 days legit.

It might take a hardcore player maybe a couple of weeks but a few days, no way.


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i seen a 3rd prestige but clearly that was a hack, cause there was no way  

Double Xp.

Where there is a will there is a way

i'm level 15 red atm.

it hasn't been that bad, i'm running off 12 hours of sleep since fenix rising released.

Lol thats devotion to a game...

The reason people were able to Re-Up so quickly was because they kept their Xboxes running after the Horde Event.  

The way events work is that the effect won't go away until you restart your system.  So people just left the box running over night.  Downloaded the DLC, Re-Upped, then went into Horde and Re-Upped again.  

There is always the hill trick too.  Or the Anvil Gate one.