Returning to the fray

        Greeting and thanks for you're time. Renew my gold and deciding to seek out more regular player to hopefully max out my ultra rares weapons before I fully move onto a different game(Just bought Halo 4 but have yet to get in to it). Saying that I'm mainly looking for people who just enjoy playing for the sake of playing or lack of a better word, relaxed. I tend to play on gold difficulty but easily switch if other have a preference, normally online evening to late night USA time zone. So if you fine yourself with extra slots or wish better communication in a game to feel free and trow me a invite. No need for friend request If it only for a few games but would like to to set up groups who are on often if any, I rather not play pug all the time. One last thing, even if I'm playing something else I won't mind changing back to Mass Effect 3 unless about to get off or already in a party. 


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