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so hello there i havent played any xbox 360 since  march of 2011 and the last time i played blackops  they just had a new map pack out the 1 with stadium an i think berlin wall or something im gonna be coming back here ina  few weeks an was wondering whats the newest map pack and is it worth it to pick up with MW3 coming out in novemeber thx alot


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New map pack is Anniliation (sp?) and it is fun, November is still 4 months away and BOs is having another map pack release before then I believe, not totally sure though. I always buy COD mappacks and I always enjoy them.

One thing to remember is even when MW3 comes out people are still going to be playing black ops. Just like people still play MW2 and WAW. So investing in the new map packs is still a good idea. That and i enjoy them very much. And if your a fan of zombies Shangri-La the zombie map from Annihilation is in my opinion the best one they made, only because its got a lot of color and its very challenging. Overall . . i recommend getting them. You still have time but why not just get them now.

Prefect time to come back since it's double xp nuketown 24/7. How ever everyone just trys to spawn trap and play every mode like Team Death Match. You haven't missed much but Map pack 3 is alright