Retro Lancer Accuracy

Is there a way for me to be anymore accurate with a retro lancer? I see people all the time who cant shoot straight with that thing and my screen goes nuts when I use it. Is there some sort of special trick for keeping it as steady as a real lancer? I am a nooblet with a retro that needs help >_<. I try to keep my sights down when i use the thing but it beats my button mashing skills and I honestly cant keep it from going up. Even when burst firing one at a time lime a hammerburst.


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Tap it, don't expect to get anyone outside of medium range by tapping it however.

I tap the trigger really fast whilst pulling down on the analog stick. You don't have to pull down on the analog too much due to you tapping the RT. The retro will go up and then down. Just a matter of control.

Medium to long range I slow down the burst firing. Just under medium range, I give it hell (tapping the RT fast) and then in cqc (say 10 feet or less", I shoot from the hip and pull down on the analog stick to counter the kick. I've gotten to be a beast with it.

Here's how to practice with it: Setup a private match, KOTH, Fill with bots, set match to 1, timer 240 and use nothing but the retro. Don't worry bout the ring, the bots eventually get it...

How long should you practice?? What I done was I used it in these matches until I got the onyx medal. By then, you are a beast...

I've tried to burst, but it's slow as for the reticule to get back to normal I think I might as well use HB.  It's good for checkout.

The more you practice with it, the better you will get with it. At first, I sucked with it, but now it's the weapon I get the most kills with (besides my Gnasher). At long-range, always shoot in bursts.  As you practice, this will become natural for you.  When I first used it, I could barely hit anything with the Retro Lancer from a far distance, but now I'm downing people like crazy.

Good luck!

treat it like a hammerburst and tap the trigger, it's slow but so powerful that it evens out, i'd recommend going into beast mode and playing as the savage drone and try taking out turrets and things from a distance to practice.