Retro Arcade games

With Game Room pretty much dead and buried any chance older arcade games will make a comeback onto XBLA?  Namco and Atari are about the only ones offering them now with Sega, Konami and Capcom occasionally bringing in some of theirs as well. 

I see SNK is releasing many of their titles(Vanguard, Ikari Warriors and Neo Geo titles) on PSN as mini's and Capcom(Black Tiger, Son Son) and Sega(Zaxxon) are doing the same on the Wii Virtual Console.  Was hoping for games like Berzerk by Stern, BurgerTime by Data East, Crazy Climber by Taito(think they have the rights to it now), and Pengo by Sega plus bringing back Midway/Williams games we missed out on when they went bankrupt and were bought up by Warner Bros.


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