if I restart after I beat the game, I mean if I start a new one do I loose stats?



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No, you keep all your blueprints, zombie counter, ...

I believe you just lose your challenges

Is that true when going from regular mode to nightmare mode?

Everything stays with you...stats, outfits, blueprints.

Is there a restart option after the ending, or is it something in the main menu? I'd like to go through again. Also, if you played the regular campaign, can you carry over your status to Nightmare mode?

Almost everything carries over. Any blueprints you've found, any weapons and clothing you have in your lockers, your stats such as number of zombies killed - number of frank statues found - number of tragic endings found, any vehicles you have in your garages etc.


The only things that don't carry over are safehouses that you've cleared (you'll have to clear them again) and of course story progress and side missions. Those of course reset.


There's no special option to restart, you just need to start a new game and all of your stuff is still with you. Everything transfers between story mode and nightmare mode - it's all one big save file.


In fact as long as you've finished the game on nightmare mode, you can choose to switch to story or nightmare mode at any time and at any chapter you wish, from the chapter select menu - and you still keep everything.

Thanks Mr XBox

There is an option to reset all game data somewhere in the options.

If you want to reset your stats, you probably need to delete the save file.

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