response to the thread about unreasonable suspensions

Even though they locked the thread, I felt like I really wanted to respond to this. I mean, I really have to agree with Sword Style. It's completely unreasonable. Yes, we sign terms and conditions. But their should have been some sort of warning sent first. Seriously, in real life people who drive drunk get a slap on their wrist for a first offense. Something that can kill another human and their families get a chance at redemption. The whole avatar thing is just ridiculous. The real world isn't just black and white, right or wrong.


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Thank you VERY MUCH.  This is all I am saying as well.  It is an absolutely ridiculous rule and it should be challenged.  This is exactly what I intend to do.  I am still waiting for Microsoft to tell me why the suspension took place at all.

It's microsofts online service they can do whatever they want. This kid knew what he was doing, lied to his parents and got caught. Justice served.

But people can learn from their mistakes. Its clearly not something that is doing any harm to anyone.

People can indeed learn from their mistakes. That is why you have the option to create a new account and follow the rules this time.

I think that for the offense at hand, it is overly steep. Look outside at the real world.

The things that happen outside each day. And these are the offenses we decide to punish? I guess this is America at it's best. The more horrible the offense the more we shrug it off. Murder? Ha nothing. Casey Anthony or whatever her name gets to walk the streets.

This kid made his avatar pink. He should be PUNISHED!

I think that microsoft should actually respond to the issue. Resolve it. Just like Sword said. They could fix the problem so that it can't happen any more. Just to feed more money to the machine is all it is.

Is this what has become of humanity?

Bottom line this is a decision of Microsoft not the community. As a Ambassador you should know this. He has been instructed who to to talk to for any information. This is not a matter for anyone but XBLPET. We agree to the ToU and CoC. Ever one of us. Any other he questions has needs to be directed in the suspension forums.

It is simple. He agreed to terms and broke them. He is free to start a new account, and if caught cheating again heightens his chances at getting the council banned. Read the Terms of Use and abide by them.