Respect for the Dead.

So I read somewhere to get this achievement you have to do Ashes to Ashes without stepping on any of the ash people. Well I just finished it and i got no achievement and I'm pretty sure I didnt step on any. Is there a way to tell if you stepped on them? I figured they'd fall apart but I'm not sure. Is this even the right way to get the achievement? Thanks for the help ^_^!


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It has to be on Insane I think.


It might not have to be on Insane actually. If you did not destroy any ash people, once you get into the building with Griffin there should be a room that you can open up which contains a boomshot and some other random weapon. You have to go into the room to get the ‘cheev.


Also, don’t worry if your computer teammates or an enemy destroys the people, it only matters for you.  

You have to visit the weapon shop inside.

O ok thanks guys!

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You have to visit the weapon shop inside.

[/quote]^^^THIS^^^ ... right before you meet Griffin, and after you are let into the building ... there's a weapon shop on the right.

You can't shoot any of the ashes either.