Respawn said updated today maybe

Respawn said updated today maybe


05 May 2014, 13:58

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The game needs an update. It's coming later today
(really pressing to get it out ASAP).
I will message as soon as I get the go ahead
from EA about when it's rolling out.

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and they messed up the update, and are trying to fix it.

"Some Titanfall players on Xbox 360 are currently having issues matchmaking. Affected players are shown the following error message before being restricted from online play:

"Disconnect: DEV ERROR - Player's persistent data (domain "th1") is from a future build. Use convar ""persistence_forcNew' on a server to work around this and treat them as a new player.".

If you're experiencing these issues, it is likely due to an early, incomplete upgrade to the next Titanfall patch.

We are working hard to release the next version as quickly as possible. Once properly upgraded, you should be able to jump right back into online play."

Yes!!!Was finally able to gen to 6 with this update. Was so tired of trying to kill those ejecting players.  I did get that error msg at first but it was gone after I tried matchmaking again..

Hope the fix the defect associated with the 'win all campaign matches on each side'. I think the two 25 point achievements are broken, and won't unlock.

Best thing to do is write down which map you have won on.

ABK, looks like I was wrong. I played mission 4 for militia last night, won it, and the cheevo unlocked. Thanks.