Resident Evil: Revelations

So is this like straight up port of the 3DS version or is it being re-made with new features and what not?

I have the 3DS version of the game and might still buy the 360 version because it was a really fun game but it would seem like if it were ported the way it was it wouldnt make it as a full retail title it was kind or short since it was made for handhelds and other than the main story, it was pretty minimalist. 


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Its definitely remade lol.
I was looking at some gameplay from the console versions, the 3ds verion looks nice but the remake looks waaaay better.

I think the story is still pretty much the same but graphically its being remade and they are adding a mercenaries mode.

y para cuando saldra a la venta o ya salio?????

I cant wait. Looks great. I never played Revelations before, but I have been playing lots of resident evil lately andloving it.

Raccoon city, RE 5, RE6, so ill be finished RE6 by the time revelations comes out and ready for more.

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y para cuando saldra a la venta o ya salio?????


En el 21 de Mayo y va costar $49.99 en los EU. No se si va costar lo mismo en otros paises.

The Raid Mode is what makes Revelations stand out. It's so much fun and now that it's on the 360, I think I'll be playing it more with friends, if we decide to get it. If they allowed 4 player Raid Mode, that would be a lot cooler, but I guess they'd need to make the maps bigger.

I can't wait to load this up on the 360, it's been hard to not get a 3DS just for the game.  

Playing on a big screen with a 360 controller & online co-op Raid Mode with friends is going to be great.

Also the extra content of Hunk, more weapons & added difficulty.

I believe they added an new character exclusive to the console versions. Some blonde girl in an unzipped cat suit. There's vids on YouTube showing the new gameplay.

Sounds sweet!

It's in the middle of a port and a remake. Just like all the remakes of Resident Evil 4.


It's just a port, but with new feature or something like that. If you had played it before, you wouldn't miss out on anything if you passed on the HD version.

From what I've played of it.

Buy the Wii U version if you have that console.

The 360 version is inferior. lower quality textures / graphics and its going to need patching as it sometimes stutters as it loads new areas while the Wii U version has very smooth area transitions and no visible in level loading moments.