Resident Evil Revelations.

So this game is coming to consoles on may 21st as a digital download only title. Ign says its to have hd quality, enchanted lighting and better audio. PSN will have it for 49,99 no price on Xbox yet but I'm assuming it will be the same. Haven't had a chance to play this on the 3ds but I did play the demo and I thought it was pretty good. Nice to play as Jill again.

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my revelation today parker with a shotgun from scratchcard on wow

I will buy RE games once a year with no problem if they keep pushing out quality games like Resident Evil 6. 
They are actually planning a reboot for sometime in 2013-2014. 

I lost hope in Resident Evil, you guys tell me if this handheld to console port is actually good.

Also its amazing that Capcom is not releasing this on the PSVita since it also came out on the 3DS..

When are people going to stop buying the yearly renditions of RE? I know I stopped buying the yearly renditions of Assassins Creed. Actually, I feel like more RE ripoffs have been sold than AC ones over the past two years(?)

date se sortie de resident evil revelations sur xbox 360

Having played the crap out of this game I can easily say its much better that RE6.

Yeah the ds version is great to play and all but man after holding that for awhile my hands MIT start to cramp up. I'd much rather play it on a big screen but for 50 bucks idk.

I own the 3DS version, but I'm still getting this as I'd prefer to play it on the Xbox 360.

I really doubt they would release a RE every year. Even though its RE raccoon city I don't even count that as a actual RE game. We got that game cheap and when I watched my son play it I was like why is your knife more deadly then your assault rifle? Nemesis mode was ok but the game was just bad. I've played the 3ds version last night and its pretty cool. Using the stylus to switch guns are eat a herb and other tools was nice. Though 50 bucks is a little much unless they add some newer content for it I might just play and beat the 3ds version instead.

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I mentioned this before.  It looks like they are going to release some sort of RE every single year.  Seeing more and more developers doing this. Same with GOW, COD, Forza, I am sure Halo will do the same thing too. I am guessing Halo 2 anniversary will be annonced this year 2013 or next year 2014.  

[/quote]We're screwed.


We can pretty much thank the COD series.  They put one out every year and its one of the top selling games every year. So developers have been catching on that people will indeed buy a game with the same name EVERY year.  Yes we are screwed. 

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