Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer!!!


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I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never played a resident evil game before....well i watched someone play resident evil 4 i believe it was. Played the demo for Resident evil 6 wasn't that impressed, but after watching this trailer it looks really awesome. Just one question who is the guy that says they are after his blood? The mercenary looking guy voiced by Troy Baker.

EDIT: Im assuming no one knows who that guy is yet?

No, i was wondering this too. How where you able to play the demo for resident evil 6?

He obviously meant 5

It looked good until the helicopter scene. From that point on it looked like a generic action game. The scenes before that looked like the series was going back to it's roots.

It will probably have a Side A Side B to it, with Leon being the more Raccoon City/Survival Horror side, and Chris being the Action Horror side.