Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries

Hey all. I'm having difficulty finding players in Resident Evil 5 that can help me with attaining "SS" ranks on all characters across all stages. I know there's no achievement or anything for doing so, but I'd like to accomplish it all the same.

If you're a half-decent player and/or can attain an "S" or "SS" on your own, let me know!

P.S. Also looking for Mercenaries Reunion players.


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hey dude RE5 mercenaries is my forte so if you need a good partner hit me up. I've also done reunion on all characters up to SS. My Gtag is FiREDANCER84. My favourite Merc character is Chris stars and fairytale Sheva for reunion.

hey... i have players with SS... so im good but i need what you will good in the game because we need to get a lot of points to unlock the players... i already have all of them... just put me like friend ABLEGION is my gamertag and an easy way to get a lot of points is hitting the ennemyes... remmember taht in the game