Resident Evil 5 Buddy?

So im kinda wanting to go back through Resident Evil 5 and finish it on Veteran and then Professional but would be nice to have a co-op buddy since its pretty tough :P


Ive only got like 3 or 4 of the missions left to do on Veteran most of which i've done by myself but would be nice to have some help, and Professional i'm sure i'll for sure need help with haha.

Anyways anyone down? I have both DLC add ons as well.


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*** that, RE5 was hard just on normal or whatever.


You obviously didn't play with enough passion.

I can help.

Sweet, I added you guys! Im usually on after 6pm because of work but im for today and tomorrow ill hit you guys up and play here soon!

I love RE 5. IF anyone needs help in co op let me know id love to play through it again. Better yet if you also have the DLC and you want to go through those in co op as well. feel free to add me, mostly play on weekends

I acually need some help that I didn't got like getting the collectibles, you can hit me up sometime to play if you like...

well i could use a partner, i barely played RE5, i recently rebought it and will eventually finish off and get some more achievements in it.

*** that, RE5 was hard just on normal or whatever.