Resident Evil 4

I would just like this chance to ask Microsoft why is it that we are paying 19.99 for Resident Evil 4 while Playstation 3 gamers are getting it for 9.99 on the PSN?

This is total Bull and guess where I bout my digital copy of Resident Evil 4.


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Cause RE4 is half off for Playstation Plus members...? It's normally 19.99

So nothing for the gold members? To add insult to injury the game cost 14.99 for psn members that use the service for free. Dose this mean we can expect RE4 on sale soon? Either way, the game launched on both consoles digitally almsot the same time and one is half the price of the other for the exact same product, it is undefendable. Anyone given the option to buy this game on either system clearly would buy it on ps3 unless they just liked throwing money away.

Stop crying. It's $29.99 here in Australia, which is $32 USD. If you don't like it, buy it on PS3. You have it for $19.99, which is cheaper than here.

Well I own a PS3 as well as a 360 and I still decided to get RE4 for my 360. Price isn't always the most important factor.

when is RE4 and Code Veronica coming to the NZ marketplace?