Resident Evil 4 HD New Zealand Availability

I have heard that it is available in Australia but I can't find it in Games Marketplace here in NZ. What gives?


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Wow that sucks. I bought it here in Australia. Would it work if you bought it from marketplace link? Hpe you guys get it soon...

Sadly this is becoming a trend - we still dont have Pac-man championship edition dx, Bloodrayne betrayal (supposed to be a pretty good 2d adventure) is MIA, and now RE4 is getting worryingly late. Ive got a ps3 too and can confirm that all of these are available on psn nz. These games are available everywhere else! And i would much rather play these on the xbox! Ive heard rumours its to do with the esrb ratings people not giving ratings as of yet, but they are available in nz on ps3 - so that doesnt hold much weight. Either way its really lame, and i hope these titles arrive, but the more time that passes the less likely it seems...

Zombies aren't allowed in NZ. Any Zombie walking the street in NZ is swiftly arrested and locked away without a trial. Furthermore movies, comics or games featuring Zombies are strictly forbidden.

Yeah, what gives? We also cant get either of the Serious Sam HD xbla releases here either, but I was hoping for RE4HD, but as of last night I could not find it in the market place...anywhere

But we will be the only country to survive the Zombie Apocalypse next year. And our XBL will still be running

Second this.  Still no response from any authority.