Resident Evil 1-3 for Xbox 360

It was pretty cool to see RE4 come to the 360, its an awesome game, but I think the first three games should definitely be brought back. HD or original graphics. I don't care. Not everyone has been able to play the first three games, the sixth game is releasing later this year, and I think with this whole "HD Collection" phase that is going on in the gaming industry, it would be perfect.

Does anyone else want to see Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 on the 360?


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i would like to see re1,2,and 3 but i would also like to see outbreak 1,2 i think outbreak would do well now that online co-op is populare.(maybe with the camera angle changed for the newer fans or a whole remake...just a thought)

That would be nice. I have a ps3 so I can just down load the classics lol. I have the first game that I still need to beat. It's hard transitioning to the old style game play and the voice acting is horrible. Watch the beginning on youtube if you never seen it. I really need to beat the first so I can play 3 finally.

that would be great i still have all the original games for the ps1 it would be great to play them on HD

HD upscale would be pointless due to the pre-rendered backdrops. But a straight up port would be cool.

Knowing how long it took for them to be released on PSN in Europe, I doubt Capcom is in hurry to get them ported to 360...

I would be sooooo happy if the RE Outbreak series were remade for the 360.  Despite any reviews they kept the old element of the older Re games alive..something that these newer games have forsaken.

I'd love to replay 1 2 and 3 on 360 if they were to come out on HD collections or whatever, Recently got the MGS HD collection and Code Veronica + 4 HD as-well as Dreamcast Classic "Jet Set Radio", Having more fun with these than most of the recent releases!

In addition to a re-release of 1 2 and 3, I hope they strike a deal with SEGA and get Shenmue onto the xbox live marketplace too!