Reset to level 1 in gears of war 3. Xbox live customer support told me to post so I could be told why since enforcement dept did it.

I just got demoted to level one in gears of war 3 and lost all of my in game achievements/progress.  Why did this happen?  I called xbox live customer support and was informed it may have been due to cheating?  I would like to know what happened because I did nothing wrong and would like to get it rectified.  My saved games are still there and I still retained gamer score achievements? All of my kills were also reset in campaign.  If I played online with someone who cheated in a lobby I was randomly put in then do all of the people in that lobby get reset as well?  My son was playing yesterday and power went out during a storm.


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No one will be able to help you here. XBLPET did not reset you, Epic did. You can try posting in their forums though if you like.

Its happening to a lot of people online its not because you cheated

Ok.  Called xbox support again.  They said if you get reset the do not play.  Get out of game and log out of xbox live.  Delete your profile on your gamertag and then recover it.  This will get your last save on their servers back and you should get your rank back.  But if you already played after getting reset then there is nothing you can do.  I guess they had the same problem with GOW 2.

Thats right, thay did have this problem in GOW2, my brother rank and achievement progress was reset, he was kinda bum'd that he all most had the 2.0 achievement, he had to get all the kills again.