reset back to 1

I was reset back to one after i was rank 98. i was hoping this would get fixed and it would really be much appreciated. Do i just have to wait for some technical support to fix this?


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Same Thing Happened To Me Just Unfair Man Level 100 Back Down To Level 1 Without An Explaination

i was told it was because i played offline did you do that?

also, another explanation is, the gamertag signed in, or out, during a loading screen.

most probably using another gamertag on the console, or a guest account after split-screen.

this can also cause loss of campaign progress.

some posters will say it's because you cheated/hacked/modded or killed them with the sawn-off. whilst this is  possibly true, it's probably because of a sign in issue.

i don't know if there is a fix in the future.

my fiance's been reset twice now, rank to 1 all onyx medals except one gone, progress reset towards medals, all ribbons gone... sucks, cause we love to split screen gow3 were enjoying it til he was reset the 2nd time after the "patch"