Reset all Stats is a Lie

Why is this even in the game? If you reset all stats it should reset stats not unlocked gear and all  classes. I did it now I'm mad because it said you keep all the unlocked equipment but you don't. This prestige system is a rip off. It defies the logic of a system that would have worked, Keeping tokens and unlocked gear after you reset.       Think about it.


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You make no sense... do items you unlock with Prestige Tokens stay or not?


Also, there are five more Prestige levels now ; )

I make sense. Unlocked gear and tokens do not stay but they should. Now I got to gain them all back.

If you reset, you reset everything. That's one of the most obvious things in MW3. You get your prestige tokens back within a few days, but only from previous COD prestige. (I think)

you keep your overall stats in "lobby leaderboards" too

You lose your collection of unlocked weaponry? Oh : ( But I'm building such a collection!