Requesting help - Anor Londo

Looking for some help getting past those Archer Knights. I forgot to get a few spells before I moved on into A.L. and I am completely helpless trying to get past them.

SL 51.


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Add me and I'll help you tomorrow!

Need humanity

thanks for the quick responses guys. I got by it. Thanks anyway!

Praise the sun!

you can hit them with poison arrows without them getting aggro. go at the corner most part beside the pillar. And use Pharis bow(from archer phantom in the forest area) You will need to aim higher than normal to hit them. They wont take damage from the arrow itslef but will get Damage over time when you hit them 3 times with poison arrow. Wait for the poison to wear off and hit them again. It takes 2 poison status effect to kill one archer.

Or you could just run up there and just parry/make the one on the right fall off.

Yeah I just did a speed run all the way up there and kept parrying the right hand one till he fell off.

It was pretty nerve wracking though lol.

for my tip, they wont aggro you since your too far away. just use poison arrow if you dont want luck to be involved.

HaHa I always do this part two handing a greatshield.I prefere Hawel's,but the Eagleshield works fine.I wait for them to settle down.Then eat some Green Blossom for stamina.Run up there.Go to the right,and get ready to roll his shot around the corner.Then he comes in for a close encounter where I simply block his swings,and hug the wall,untill eventually he drops of the ledge.Works like a charm LoL