I was just thumbing through my profile and noticed my reputation was at a unsuprisingly 80 to 20 percent avoidance ratio. Unsuprisingly because I know when I was a bit younger I was the average run of the mill trash talker over the mic, but i'd like to say I have matured from those days and an improved, dedicated player. So I was wondering what would be the best course I could take to improve my reputation standing? I don't really want to come off to others that I'm a bad player.


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It doesnt really happen though. The Xbox live community isn't the same as it was. I remember back a few years ago I saw my friend playing online and talking to random people which seemed to be good conversations. Thats the reason i bought an xbox when I started playing thats when well really.. Its just people with fresh accounts and don't want to game it up anymore. its all about CoD. Heck i'm all for CoD but only with friends..

had some1 avoid me coz iused a chainsaw in gears 3 its atached to my gun, its in the game im ment to use people just dont like geting beat the only game ive played where players chat is max payne 3 they give advice and have fun with the banter shame all games ent like it

i have to agree with bowski477, play all kinds of games and rate other ppl and ask them to rate you. i know when i play against people even if its just a kingdom/world of/for keflings i rate the ppl i play with. I also will rate them before I add them, or let them add me as a friend.

i enjoy gaming with ppl who are not going to trash my worlds (mine craft, keflings, etc), and will stand their ground (cod waw, l4d/2, etc) but if you are a rage quitter, or talk trash a lot, or ::face palm:: kneel down over my face and jump up and down after you kill me.. yea your going to get a bad score from me. I want to have fun, and I don't see those things as being fun in anyway.

Rep really means very little and you are the only person that is able to see it. But the best way to gain good rep is to play a variety of games online and have players (who are not your friends) give you positive feedback.

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