Reputation in Mass Effect 3

Decent read on some of the changes made to the reputation system in Mass Effect 3, hit the source link if you're interested.

Source - blog post by Patrick Weekes, Senior Writer for BioWare


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Interesting read. I like that you no longer have to play completely Paragon or Renegade to get the dialogue to unlock. I think this is a better way to do it. Thanks for the link Cryptic.

Sounds like they're going all out. If it's half as good as they say it'll be, could hold some very interesting prospects... Thanks for the link CrypticZer0.

sounds kinda like me1's rep system, where you can max out both paragon and renegade bars.

OOHHH, this is pretty awesome. Makes me even more excited for the dialog to come in the full game. CAN'T WAIT!!!

I like how the picture blocked out the text haha

Many thanks to CrypticZer0 for the linkage...:-)

That sounds a much better system than it Mass Effect 2.

I like it!! I didn't much care for some limitations, that were mentioned in the blog, brought about from the reputation system in Mass Effect 2.

The first thing I did in Mass Effect was to put points into Charm and Intimidate, as In liked having all the dialogue options available to me so I could play as I wanted.


Reading the blog I found it to be right in that I felt forced to play either completely paragon or completely renegade in Mass Effect 2.


However thankfully the new system seems to be the perfect marriage of the systems from 1 and 2.

Awesome find!