I have just started MW2, but im a huge veteran of FPS. I have got to lvl 21, took my time learning how it worked, inspecting what  hacks were out there as I started to feel like there were hackers. I played side by side with people that were obviously cheating, bragging at times about it. How do I go about reporting these people, and if they current patch doesnt pick up that there are people with mods or hacks, what good is it to report it? How is microsoft going to detect them after a report if they are not detecting them now? As of now, im going back to Black ops and Reach. MW2 is way too ruined.


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I must be the luckiest man in the world because I can't remember the last time I've seen a modder in this game.


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 How do I go about reporting these people?


  1. From the Xbox Dashboard, open the player's profile by doing one of the following:
    • Select Friends, then select the player’s avatar.
    • During a party, select the player’s gamertag.
  2. Select File Complaint. Then select File Complaint again on the next screen. 
  3. Select one of the following reasons for filing the complaint:
    • Profile: The player’s gamertag, personal picture, or personal information contains inappropriate material.
      • Gamertag
      • Personal Picture
      • Personal Info
      • Player Content
    • Text and Voice Communications: The player used vulgar, hateful, harassing, or threatening language in voice or text communications.
      • Text Message
      • Voice Message
      • Voice Chat
      • In-Game Voice
    • Video Communications: The player was vulgar, hateful, harassing, or threatening in video communications.
      • Picture Message
      • Video Chat
    • Tampering: The player tampered with a game, an Xbox 360 console, Xbox LIVE, or the feedback system.
      • Feedback Tampering
      • System Tampering
      • Cheating
  4. Select File Complaint. Select Don’t File if you decide not to file a complaint.

^^ what he said,and don't forget to block communications. Don't even bother sending them hate mail.