Reporting FUT Duplicators,

I have seen many duplicators on FIFA12 UT, when checking though the auctions if you see some one who has the same card several times they are not very lucky just DUPLICATORS ( i hope EA patch this very soon), i had not played fifa UT since 09 and was shocked to see so many duplicators on fifa 12. I know the auction displays the sellers UT name but not there xbox live gamertags, so i cant file a complaint or submit a bad player review,or report them to EA, so i have taken to checking the top 100 trading leaderboard and seen most of the top 100 are duplicators (you can see they anit played any games or very few) you can click the right stick and find out the gamertag on the leaderboard and file a complaint.  I would never leave my account details for someone to do this, (there is a website where you can leave your details where some one would accsess your account using the web app fifa UT and then proceed to duplicate your top players).


ps : Why did change there forum set up it was alot easier to navagate before and takes forever to find what you want now!!


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1) You get used to the new forum.  It really isn't that bad, although the old way was way more user-friendly.   2) I hear ya w/ the duplicators.  Pisses me off.  I was searching through trying to find a cheap Iker Casillas card, and the same guy had about 6-8 cards all listed for the same price.  Ridiculous.

It happens in every game. You just gotta do your best to not real with these people and do everything legit.

What kills me about the dupers, is they still sell their cards for higher than market value... leaving them w/ 6-8 of the same card being for sale at the same time.  If you're gonna do something like dupe the cards, sell them for cheaper, that way it doesn't look so painfully obvious.  Besides, you're essentially getting free coinage.  I guess if you're dumb/pathetic enough to do it, you probably aren't smart enough to use my simple business model.

yeah the dupers always to seem over price there auctions i dont understand why because as you said its all free coins to them, anyway i make a point of not buying off any dupers, but also any black in form cards have been duplicated and makes them less rare then they should be.

How are people duplicating cards, I thought it wasn't possible so everyone kept saying, surely if they using a 3rd party device to do it when they sign into LIVE the server would pick up on it.

Seriously how can you claim this. I always buy about 10 - 15 of the same players off the auction if they are cheap and can sell them for more. You calling me a duplicator? People do it for easy money. Buy them all and set the price.

this is a fact, when you see someone with 15 inform black john terrys then another 3 or 4 people with 10-15 with the same, these are duplicators, i understand some people do what ur saying ( i have) but the duplicators only do the top players and inform black cards, a gold john terry is more rare than a black inform one, i have seen one of the websites i wont advertise it on here but try searching google.  Also there seems to be alot of cheating/hacking around fifa 12, as some one else has posted here is the link to reports of hacking Xboxlive accounts thouht  fifa 12

You don't have to connect to xbox live to do this, remember -- Web App peoples!   Others have used certain modifications to buy cards.  I've put up, probably at least 10 times now, certain cards like a 4-5-1 for buy-now at 500 coins.  Literally before I click out of the Trade Pile, the card has been sold.  Now, one can argue that they were just sitting on it waiting.. but.. sorry, no way.  Not gonna happen the amount of times it has.  Shady people out there.

I last played FUT on fifa 09 there was no people duplcating then because there was no web app, i might be biased but i never use the web app and i think they should just close the web app to stop people duplcating, it seems all the shadyness around FIFA 12 comes from people modding the web app,  but as its EA they will do nothing and take your money over and over again. The only thing that would stop EA being so slack is if they actually had some decent compettion(@ pes)

People can be simply loaded and you might be angry at people who have better players and more coins than you or because they play the game non stop, however the duplication or any other glitches no longer exist, people use them to scam players from others because they have nothing better to do and other people buy and sell players in bulk to increase the value, the person who owns many john terry's might just have enough money to buy them in bulks.