Reporting a Glitched Gamer Score

One of the people on my friends list has glitched their gamer score to where they have all the achievements for all their games. even stuff you cant have like the gears of war 3 seriously 3.0 if an admin could help me get this reported id be very happy. I do not believe it is fair that he can have all his achievements through a glitch when i believe in working hard for mine. the gamer tag is:

[GT Removed]

thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out


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Im sure the Xbox Enforcement Team will look into this mod. Just note it isnt a glitch it is a mod and could be worse consequences .

Please keep in mind "Naming and Shaming" isn't allowed whatsoever on the forums. Just report the user and the XPET will do the rest~ *Also, He would be caught regardless even if he's never reported, Xbox has systems to find stuff like that~*

ok im sorry i did not know that...thanks for the info