Report: No Used Games on Next Xbox

A bold move...but is Microsoft willing to compromise its consumer base?

Rumor has it the next-generation Xbox may limit exactly what kind of games you're allowed to play. According to sources speaking to Kotaku, the Xbox 360's successor will have some kind of anti-used-game enforcement. There's no explanation of what that means, but speculation surrounding the issue says the console could outright reject used-games altogether. 

LA Noire used an online pass this generation. Would you buy an Xbox 3 if you couldn't play its sequel used?

Online passes are a recent staple in staving off used sales. Limiting what used buyers can access is a protective measure for publishers, much to the chagrin of parts of the gaming community. Chris Kohler of Wired argues that the death of used games is inevitable, and passes are the first step toward something exactly like a native anti-used game something integrated into consoles. He notes, of course, that digital is the future of buying games, but in the meantime we may be looking at "an interim period in which the disc as a delivery method is still around but...becomes more like a PC game, which are sold with one-time-use keys that grant one owner a license to play the game on his machine." 

For all we know, if this is legitimate, such a theoretical link between a Gamertag and new game would simply negate the need for online pass redemption codes in every game. This alleged feature comes alongside talks that the Xbox 3 will also turn to blu-ray for its primary format. 

Until Microsoft officially unveils details about its much-rumored new device, we're relying on speculation with strong rhetoric to figure out the future of gaming. Would a console permanently banning of used-games be a deal-breaker for you? 

via Kotaku

So.... we couldnt even take a game to a friend's house or let someone borrow it? this a bad thing or not ?


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I would never buy any device that uses this type of enforcement........EVER.  No company is ever going to force me to stand in line with the rest of their "sheep" and buy the latest and greatest at full price.  /end

in a way used games have become rampant, but if they do this they must sell the games at a much fairer price and no passes from the start, i agree with the argument that used games don't pay back into the system but i also agree that people can't always afford new games and used games are a very good alternative.

i prefer disc based games compared to downloaded and if this is the only way to do it without going all digital then i will adjust.  but in time all platforms will go digital sometime in the future, maybe 5 - 10 years from now and that will kill all used games from the start, we will all have to adjust at some point.

Also to add...not that I really care, but this could be a kill shot to used game sale retailers like GameStop.  I'm sure they aren't very happy either.

all retailers who deal in used games are making stupid profits and ripping off anybody who trades in there game by at least 15% - 20%

MW3 became the highest grossing piece of entertainment in history just a month or two ago.


How can anyone not be disgusted with the MPAA, the RIAA and some software groups screaming "LOST REVENUE" when they are among the very few industries that are clearly NOT struggling in this wreck of an economy?


They prosecute our countrymen, while China has an entire sub-economy based on the illicit piracy of western entertainment. Then you have Google, appeasing the Chinese abuse with absolutely FREE downloads of a huge catalog of music - Google that if you want your blood to boil.


I commend Microsoft for taking a decent and moral stance on some of these recent issues.  I certainly hope they continue to operate with more of a conscious than some of their competitors.


Blacking out "used games" in anyway will certainly have a detrimental effect on the Xbox community.

Well if it means I won't be able to take my games over my friends house and play splitscreen with him because I used the one use code on my console, then I guess the Next Xbox won't be for me.

Do you honestly believe this rumor? I mean, REALLY?!

I'd say Chicken Little has alot to answer for......  But personaly, I wonder about the mentality of the people making these threads. AS IF THEY WOULD STOP YOU USING SECOND HAND GAMES! Use what intelligence you have and work it out for yourself...... not hard to see that it makes no sense.

Fullmetal, with the way things are going in gaming right now, yes. Yes I do.

[quote user="Fullmetal1986"]

Do you honestly believe this rumor? I mean, REALLY?!

[/quote]Is it really that outrageous though?

The second-hand market for PC games effectively does not exist because of the need for unique keys.

Console gaming is already halfway there with the increasing use of online passes, is it really that much of a stretch that they'd follow the PC style and require a unique key to access even the single player portion of a game.

It wouldn't stop used completely, I'm sure if this did come about they'd offer the keys for sale on the marketplace. 

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