Replica Lancer Bundle

Is this going to be available in Canada, and how much will it cost if it is.




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"retro lancer" bundle is available on gamestop.if u have gamestop in canada it should be available hopefully.

yes the retro lancer is what i mean. We do have gamestops/ebgames in canada so that what im hoping, just want confirmed info

Yes they will and Carroll I guess you're not going to be changing your sig for a long long time.

they will for sure?

What exactly is this bundle anyway, just a replica lancer?  is that all?  Because I saw this on GameStop's site and the picture and description really aren't very eplanatory.

its either lancer+ game, lancer +limited (what i want or lancer + epic edition. Basically take the regular price and add 80$ to get the bundle price.

If you get the bundle it's $20 off. All I know is that it's a "hand painted" toy gun that makes shooting sounds. I thought about getting it but realized it was the same thing as throwing money away.

Yep, if it was made out of metal or something nice I MIGHT have considered getting it.