Replaying Acts

To cut a long story short, I'm currently on my Inferno playthrough and once I've finished that, I'm looking to go back and finish up on some challenges and find some lore books I've missed.


Now, when ever I read up about it, everyone talks about reloading Acts and Quests in the hopes of finding what I need.  My question is this, why do I need to reload an Act and Quest.  Why can't I just teleport to the area/dungeon I want using the waypoints?


This is the first Diablo game I've ever played, so my question might seem dumb to those of you who have played the game before.


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If you start replaying a particular quest, then you could continue the story from that point forward.  However if you want to then go to a different quest that is much earlier or later or maybe even the same quest over and over, then you can back out and reload whatever you want.