I wanted to do a quick replay of mass effect 1 & 2 but if i start a new game on either 1 or 2 will it delete my old saves and start new? I don't want it to delete my old saves because i just wanted to go through the games quick and refresh my memory.


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No, I think only you can delete any saves. When you start ME it will probably see your last play and 'resume' will be at the top. That will take you back to the start of the fight with Reaper Saren. Chose new game and you should see your previous character listed along with the level you reached. I'd suggest using that if you hadn't reached level 60 yet. Doing that will allow you to tweak your decisions if you chose.

You may start a brand new game without overwriting your old saves.

Each complete playthrough and/or playthrough is classified and treated as its own file.  So even if you start up a brand new game utilizing the same character that you may of just completed the game with, a new save will be created thus allowing multiple imports to be made of the same character.