helpppppp.... can someone tell me how to shut off all these damn replays.... it's driving me nuts.... come on EA.... this thing even replayed a spike... in the words of kyshawn.... come on mannnnnn


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Not even that but the focus of the camera of the replays is just hilarious sometimes. On field goal attempt by the eagles, the eagles missed a 53yard kick barely and Vince Young got injured but the only thing they showed of the replay was the Akers kicking the ball. Not the miss by a few inches, or the dirty hit by erik walden that injured vince young, Akers kicking the ball and then the replay was over.

Ummm....just  hit the "A" button.

One replay I had was of the ceiling of the Lions stadium. It showed it for about 10 seconds talking about how awesome the run was. I now know they use NO testers before releasing these games. I believe the play testers have been replaced by paying customers or should I say suckers. lol

Jokes on them cause I got Gamefly. ;)

wow really i notice that alot of plays are NOT shown on the replay i have the opposite problem maybe i just hit the buttons to fast i dunno

MJ... between 36 and 32 seconds i do hit the a button.... doesn't seem to help cause when it hits 32 seconds it goes to a replay anyway... i remember a few years back they had a way of turning off replay.... wish they kept that option