Replay a Memory?

So, I jut started DNA Sequence 4, particularly Memory #1 Castello Crasher.

I accidentally did not get 100% Sync on this memory as I recused the girl in the dungeon by alerting the last two guards taking to her in her jail cell.To get 100% Sync, you have to infiltrate and rescue her unnoticed.

My question, can you go back and replay the memory to achieve the 100% sync? I will admit I was playing late at night and was not as awake as I should have been. So, I made it all the way in undetected and blew it at the last two guards. Does anyone know if you can replay a memory in the game? Or once it's done, it's done?


Thanks in advance,



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Yes, you can replay memories to get 100% synch. Also, if you get 100% synch you unlock cheats to use when you replay memories with 100% synch.

Thanks Solid.... I'll assume you do this through the pause menu or something?

Yup. The DNA option from the pause menu.