repeated game freezes and xbox shutdowns

i am a hardcore skyrim fan, its one of the best games ive played, but recently its been freezing repeatedly at the exact same point in the main storyline. i can go other places and it works fine, but i would like to be able to play my game and finish it without it freezing every time. does anyone have any solutions to this problem? p.s. i have had it buffered twice adn i used a personal disc cleaner that works for every other disc


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Did you install it? Generally when I have a spot that causes a repeat freeze I come at it from a different direction and a different time of day. Anything to change the circumstances around the freeze. That usually works for me.

i tried that, and it didnt work. i have an xbox by the way not pc

Most unfortunate. The problem could be the disc, the XBox 360 console (and its disc drive), or your saved game might be corrupted.  Try a few experiments to determine which it is. Can you borrow a friend's disc and try to resume your game using  that? Can you go to a friend's house and try to resume your game on his/her XBox 360 using your disc?  Can you go back 1 or 2 earlier saves and try to resume from there?  BTW, at which point in the game is this happening? Good luck.      

Try fast traveling past that place? Or as they said. If the game is installed it's probably not the disc. You might have a corrupt save so you have to get rid of it and that is tricky. You don't want to get rid of the good saves. I've had a particular locale that I couldn't reach once so I had to fast travel past it and come back to it from a different direction as LadyB said. Once I did that everything started to work again.

I just started playing it again today and was hit with four freezes in a row in the same place so I just deleted the title update, cleared my cache, downloaded it again and it works fine now.