Repairing your houses?

Is there any way to repair all the houses without having to go into them individually. I've been doing that and it's sort of a drag. I want a repair all houses you own button!


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i really would like to know this too...that process is tedious.

That would be too easy! 

But hopefully, Lionhead will add that option on the next DLC/patch?  Yeah ... right! 

once i had enough to save everyone i sold all houses and kept the shops

I do the same thing.  Hopefully they'll patch it in a 'repair all' option!  But, that would be too easy.

That's a good idea. I really don't need that much money any more since I beat the game. Thanks!

Honestly...the trash that have been renting my houses don't care at all and they have to be repaired often.  Where are all the quality tenants so I can get rid of the rabble?

I dont think there is one,

But there realy does need to be one.

I unloaded all the houses and kept the shops, just for this reason of having to repair them.  More profit in the shops.