Repairing the Phial glitch!

I have three Briar Hearts already killed the forsworn took his briar heart and the arrow is still there...the glitches in skyrim are doin my head in...its for xbox btw any suggestions?


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I had the same problem with my first playthrough.  On my 2nd time around (created after patch 1.3.5) it worked fine.  I'm not sure if patch 1.4.X will fix it for you or not, but at least it is not needed for any achievements and when you get high enough in levels it becomes worthless anyways.

On a side note, on my 2nd playthrough, every time I used the phial and it refilled it would leave a 0.5 weight empty phial in my misc items.  Now I have a full phial in my potions list and 3 empty phials in my misc items.  When I transfered the phial to a follower, all the empty ones transfered with the full one.

The new patch is supposed to fix this...I hope...I'm in the same position.

On a side note, I've read elsewhere that if you already have a briarheart in your inventory when doing this quest, it will glitch.  Not sure if that is what happened to us or not, but agreed, I hope this patch fixes that and more.

I had the same issue but after finding another briar heart I fixed it.  I havn't heard any one say that this worked for them but, don't worry to much about it.

is this the white phial you are talking about that is cracked when you get it that you have to get for some old dude in a shop  on a quest

Yes - on a later quest for the younger guy who takes over the store of the same name.  He needs you to collect 3 ingredients to rebuild the phial.

oh ok cheers, i thought i was missing something.