repair homes

Fable 3 creators should come out with a faster was to repair all your homes. So you dont have to go to every house on your map to repair them. There should be a button to fix the all at once.


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or at least a repair town button. LB or RB from the town map would be nice.

I agree, very tedious task to say the least.  repair all owned homes below a certain % would be nice.  

I agree. I'm guessing Peter Molyneux already had the option of 'Repair All Houses' but didn't include it in Fable 3, so that it could be an "improvement" for the next Fable game.

Even though it may seem tedious to repair each house one by one, but hey, compared to past Fable purchasing of houses, I think it's a walk in the park.

but in fable 1 you can kill the owner and buy there home and you dont have to repair them plus your cash is out side of the house so all you need to do is go to sleep a bunch of times and you will have all kinds of money in no time.