I noticed that when I play a team oriented game, where you have to help each other to survive, like L4D or L4D2, I get a lot of friend requests and my rep stays pretty good.  When I play CoD, and get lots of kills against enemy players, usually with less than half as many deaths, I get hate mail and my rep goes down.  I also notice  the reason given for avoiding me is because I'm "unsporting", which I guess means I don't let them kill me enough to make it "fair".   ;oD 

This is just a note to all of those players that think it's unfair that I kill them, without letting them kill me back.  Learn a little strategy and  tactics before you play war.  If you run in circles spraying wildly, screaming, "Wheeeee",  you'll get killed a lot.  If you keep standing in a window, or doorway, and silhouette yourself, you'll get killed a lot.  Don't blame me for taking advantage of your stupidity.  Too bad you chose to avoid me, you might have learned something.


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Rep doesn't really do anything lol. I am never in game chat and only go in parties with buddies and have 65% trash talk XD

It's their loss not your

 *imo* That is why rep system needs to be changed. It should be only affected by the amount of times you've gotten in trouble. Sure keep the avoid and prefer just so people can still use that for its purpose, but keep it from affecting the rep.

The real prob imo is that theres no real way to verifie wether a complaint or avoid is justified or not. You can file complaint or avoid players wether they deserved it or not. This is also why you can not hardly take the rep system seriously. Moreover with all do respect but the community like it is, is hardly competent to use any sort of ehtical based system.

Obviously it does not limit itself to cod. False avoiding and filing complaints happens pretty much every game fur the dumbest reasons. In cod I am sure people would avoid you cause you happened to use a weapon they regard as cheap and got a couple of kills with it. In Streetfighter they'll probably do the same cause you picked Ryu more than once and in Ace Combat for using the Nosferatu etc. The only good thing bout it is that if you file a true d-bag it gives somewhat of a gratification doing so.