Reording matches played

OK, how do I record my matches played so I can put them on my computer? I'm trying to make some videos of some of my matches but not sure how to get them from my xbox to my computer. Anyone know how to do this??? thanks folks


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    Pretty much need a cap card to get it to your puter.

     You could always upload them to youtube from theater mode ( 30 seconds max per clip) and edit them together with youtube editing tools. ....... there are also some free programs that will let you download the vids from youtube but you would still have the same 30 second limit putting them there in the first place.

    A cap card is easiest.

you could use a DVD recorder set up to it, no HD footage from it but it records the stuff well enough. about 90% of non HD reviewer seem to use this method including the AVGN

OK another dumb is a cap card??

    A device to install in your computer which captures and record video. You can also get external ones that connect via usb.

    If you arent concerned about hi-def, you can get one for around $35 and up.( Hauppauge . and ... Dazzle for example).  If you want a high def-recorder, you are probably talking an external one in the $200 range.

    I have seen some hi def capture devices for under $100  ........ discontinued or whatevr. You have to be careful though, some claim to be hi-def, whereas they can process it, (via onboard tuner usually) but hook up via composit cables or s-cables. ......... You cant record true hi-def through either of these connections.

ill give you a HD PVR for $200.