Rented server is full and the owner joins in......

Does it just kick the newest player or what?  I was curious on this.  My server been full 24/7 none stop now.  Randoms must have it in favorites.  My server was full before I got on at 11:30 AM yesterday.  Besides two clan members joined in as well.  Curious who gets kicked without us kicking anyone?  Do they get a message of being kicked or a lost connection from EA?


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You can add friends as VIP players and they will be able to join the room even if it is full. Some unlucky player will automatically be booted to make room for the VIP.

Yeah I already have the max 20 vips since day one.

Your wrong Jev, if your an Admin, the can kick someone and the join the server and if your only a VIP, you just skip the queue to join the game. (instead of being 2/2 your 1/2)