* Rental Server List - (Add & describe your server here)

Just so we don't get overwhelmed with everybody listing off their Renal Server's in the Battlefield 3 Forum...I thought it would be good to start a server list.



  1. State the name of your BF3 Rental Server and what to search for in the title of it.
  2. How long the server will be up for?
  3. Where is it from? ....West Coast, East Coast, Europe?
  4. Is it Ranked or unranked?
  5. Describe if it is Hardcore, Normal, or Custom (*If Custom describe features)
  6. What game modes are on it? (ex. Squad Deathmatch...Rush?)
  7. Is it mostly Back 2 Karkand Maps, B3 Classic Maps, or a mix?
  8. *** State your policy on banning  and kicking people from your server ***
  9. Describe what your server is all about in a short summary.




Below is my Rental server description:


  1. My Battlfefield 3 Server is called AXIS Force's - Hardcore SERVER (*B2K & BF3)    Search for the word "AXIS"
  2. My server will be up for 3 Months
  3. Server is for Westcoast
  4. It is Ranked
  5. It is set for Hardcore
  6. Game Modes: 98% Rush, with one occurance of Wake Island Conquest (*5 Flag)
  7. All Maps (B2k and BF3 Classic Maps)
  8. I would never kick or ban indiscriminately. Team killing accidents happen........just they shouldn't happen 20 times in a row to the same person. :)
  9. The Axis Force Server is open to everybody. It is a Hardcore Rush Server on all Maps with Wake Conquest (5 Flags on it).  (*If map rotation is going to change I will leave a message here)



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Standard normal ranked settings usually and a few conquest maps.

I don't put any rules, just kill eachother by any means necessary.

-[DICE]- Potty's 24/7 CONQUEST. No admin abuse. ALL MAPS

90 day rental

All BF3 and B2k Maps on Conquest or Conq. Assault (b2k)


Normal Tix

No Admin Abuse. No Rules.   Just like before.  

Balanced teams at start of each map.

4 Jun 2012 2:10 AM

Name: Gameplode Good Maps 100% tickets

Platform: Xbox 360

Game Types: Hardcore Conquest and Rush on Gulf of Oman, Wake Island, Karkand, and a few of the other best maps.

Maps:  Gulf of Oman, Wake Island, Karkand, and a few of the other best maps.

Players: 2 to start, max 24.

Ticket Count: 100%

Ranked: Yes.

Rules: No teamkilling, spawn camping, and respect players and admins.

Region: West US

Owner: DaGuzenn

Rented for 30 days, will be a permanent server.


Conquest on All Maps?  including Karkand(Conquest Assault)  and Close Quaters(Conquest Domination)

Softcore, Normal Tickets or close too it.

Thanks IN advance.

Name: Fight Club

Platform: Xbox 360

Game Types: Hardcore TDM, Hardcore CQ/ CQA

Maps: Strike At Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Noshahr Canals, Kharg Island, Operation Island, Grand Bazaar. A few others.

Players: 2 to start, max 24.

Ticket Count: 200%

Ranked: Yes.

Rules: Don't talk about Fight Club. Not Team Killing.

Region: East US

Owner: Nicholax20

Rented for 30 days. Expires 7/3/12.

Server Name :  [DICE]- Conquest Epic Battles INS

90 day rental

West Coast


Conquest on All original bf3 maps (no b2k),  the other admin will change it to flying maps only every few days or so.


a little more than regular tix count,  i forgot % but nothing crazy, i think game starts at 350 instead of 250.

Absolutely no admin abuse.

Admin will balance teams at start of each round however.

I got my bachelors from ISU

ISU - Iron Sight Union (clan server)

Search the keyword "ISU" on the server browser 

Settings : Hardcore / Rush

My Server:

1. Name of Server: "-[DICE]- Operation Metro-Grand Bazaar-Seine 24/7 CQ 200% Tix"

2. 30 Days for now. Will extend if it gets populated.

3. East Coast

4. Ranked

5. Normal and Default.

6. Conquest at 200% ticket count and 1 round per map.

7. Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar and Seine Crossing. All conquest.

8.No M26 or over use of exploit type weapons. Warned then kicked. If again, warned then banned. Looking for Admins and VIPS.

9. Just looking for people who like to play fair and have fun. Willing to take suggestions and will be changing the rotation as it gets up and running - or I may open a second server.

Just got a 90 day server about a week ago. My friend bought it but I'm an Admin. Owner name: "Just Decent"

1. Right now it's called CQ 200%Epic Air MAps. or something close to that.
2. 90 days
3. South US
4. Ranked
5. Custom, just 200% tickets
6. Conquest only
7. Gulf of Oman, Wake island day 2, Caspian, Kharg, Sharqi, and Canals.
8. No M26.
9. Just play the damn game properly. Go for objectives, support your teammates, chat, drop ammo, ect...

it always dies during the late night hours and it's a *** to get it back up and running sometimes. 

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* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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