Renegade Gaming Community RGC (Xbox360) Everyone Is Welcome To Join

We are a non skill based community which means you don't need to have a try-out before you can join, You just have to be 
13+. We don't accept hackers or modders 

What will You get To Do 

Talk to other memebers. 
Meet new people. 
Organise games with other players. 
Join a platoon-Batallion. 

The sorts of things we offer; 

Active, freindly forum. 
Cool looking website & forum. 
Organized ranked structure. 
Very active batallions. 
Loads of tournaments. 
Graphics and Design team - good place to ask for a picture. 
Pro sponsored MLG teams. 
Gamebattles section - join a team for a certain game and play with the memebers from your batallion. 
we have also sent both Black Ops and Halo Reach teams to Anaheim, Raleigh and also Orlando. Our teams placed top 10 at Columbus and also Orlando 

Make Sure You Put RGC Hacks As Your Refer 

Hey guys my name is RGC Hacks i have been in RGC for about 3-4 Month and i am loving every minute of it i am a captain at the moment and its awesome we have mlg teams,GB teams,very cool members and a very fun gaming community you will always have some one to play with even at 6 in the morning. 

Are you intrested in joining then And Sent Me A Message on Www.RGCLive.Com My name is RGC Hacks And I Will Set Up! 


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First of all, this should not be posted here. Check the clan forum here and post there.


Second, I don't even understand why you would bump after 6 minutes of making this thread. You're not going to get a quick response everytime, you know?  Also, you said that you don't accept hackers or modders and your gamertag is RGC Hacks.. There's just something wrong with that picture.

Please refrain from continually bumping the thread in order to attract attention to it.

This seems like it's been copied and pasted from someone else's post.

can i join

sounds fishy, join us