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how can i remove free down loads for xbox live for saints row so my boy can play with other players as it says host downloads are not the same


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Start up your 360. Go to the My Xbox Channel (the one with your avatar) and go right to the end and select System Settings.

Now pick Memory and then the device the downloads are on, or if you can't remember just pick All Devices.

Here select Games and scroll down until you find the game in question.

Enter the game's folder by pressing A. Find the download and select it with A. Choose Delete.

The only issue with what voteDC has recommended is that Saints Row 2 won't play once you do this. Having been in the same position you have to find another player with the same pack(s) as you. Deleting your pack from the console will cause an error message when you attempt to load the game, and will force you to create a new save unless you reinstall the content by downloading it again. If he has a friend who he wants to play Saints Row 2 with, the only real option is to try and persuade that friend to download the content packs you have. Off the top of my head, the three packs are the Unkut Pack, Corporate Warfare, and Ultor Exposed. If you have only the Unkut Pack installed, you're in luck: the entire pack is free and therefore it won't cost any of his friends to download. The other two packs are 800 Microsoft Points each, so I recommend being absolutely certain which pack you have before any friends download them, unless you make a mistake which could be rather costly.

Ah now that is right, I'd completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the correction Paul.