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I am currently playing through Marvel Ultimate Alliance again and i was browsing forums for discussion on it and i came across a thread about activision removing the DLC for the first and second game after all these years due to licensing rights. I personally think that this should not be allowed, once DLC has been made for a game it should always be available to be downloaded especially when it contains gamerscore.

Luckily for me i already purchased the original DLC but apparently they just removed it from the market without as much as an explaination, i know this is old news but i have never known this to happen before and was shocked to find out that it was a possibility, what are your views on this subject ?


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Well if there's licensing conflicts, they're not going to get sued because you want your gamerscore.

Eggman covers it perfectly. Activision no longer have the rights to the games and as such are no longer allowed to profit from them. It's not just the DLC, they also aren't allowed to have new copies of the full games pressed either.

The only alternatives is to get the gold and special edition of MUA to get the DLCs - Reason whyt they are selling for sky high price on eBay / Amazon ...

Don't worry about me, i have my DLC :D It's other people that i am thinking about :). I just think that it is a major flaw in the legal system to be able to do this.

It is what it is im afraid. Laws are there for a reason my friend. :)

It would be a completely different story if it was a game like halo, call of duty of gears of war. The forum would be in an uproar :P

[quote user="Anazoth"]The forum would be in an uproar :P[/quote]All forums would be in an uproar. It would be "Pandemonium 2011." :P

It won't ever happen because Microsoft owns the Halo rights and I don't think Activision are going to let COD alone for a while.

Its impossible for it to happen to Halo, Gears of Wars, or CoD.  Reason being, there is no license for any of the characters within those games.  So, if Activision folded or sold the rights to CoD, the money generated from DLC would then be transferred to the parent company, not taken off the marketplace.  (Unless of course, for some reason, this new company didn't want the DLC on the marketplace.)