remote sentry

  Curious if anyone has much luck with this thing.

  I decided the other day to give it a go, and despite a dozen or so time getting it, I still havent killed anyone.


  If I place it and lay down beside it I get killed and it gets destroyed almost innediately.

 If I place it and go for better cover it gets destroyed before I get a chance to fire it.

 On the couple occasions that I've managed to get it set and get myself situated, It just doesnt seem to kill.


I was using it today and had a long battle with a guy. If you call it that even, He would take cover, but I'd still see his head sticking out, and I still couldnt kill him. Hed run from one cover spot to another and I'd chase him firing he whole time, no kill. He just kept going back and forth from one cover spot to another. Every time, I could see him but no hits and every time he ran, I'd follow and no hits.


Is it extrememly inaccurate, or just have extrememly poor damage.


I dont think I've ever been killed by one myself either.


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I have used it a couple time and I have found it needs to be in the open or looking down a hall way, but even more important to have some one close to watch over it and you. It does seem hard to kill people with it though.

a few times i did pretty well using it. the best thing to do is use it domination or demolition. have 1 or 2 teammates stick nearby while u set it up and try laying down a few feet away from it. the bad thing about the killstreaks u can control is it takes up valuable time that can be spent on working the objectives (unless you're the type to call out where the enemy is moving or setup)

Put one in the corner of Dome looking down the tunnel to C dom and you can get a few kills, you can even wallbang through the Dome with it. I've only ever used one a few times but that's where I had more success.

Like Shadow said it's taking up objective time and if you're one of two peeps on your team actually playing the objective you can't afford to waste time. I lost B earlier just waiting for a Care Package on Arkaden and we lost the game. :(

Put a trophy system next to it.

  I think my best bet is just to get rid of it ... lol.

  I'm with shadowmonkey on not liking killstreaks that take me out of play. Even in tdm or ffa, I think I do just as well going after kills personally than going through the bs to use something like that.

  Thought it might be fun to try itout though.


     I even have issues with stuff like predator missils, I find that when I close my laptop, my ks is over, .. or ......... I get one kill, close the laptop and see 2 or 3 kills that I could have had with my weapon.

I've only used it in Drop Zone, and it is effective if u can put it in a corner or hallway. Half the time I die when pulling out my case.

aim for the head with it that always work

Your kidding? Bad placement I think.

I find it's pretty destructive, but I haven't used it personally.


Rarely seen but fairly profitable when I do see it.

It works good but hard cause does get destroyed fast better of trying to use the sentry gun

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