Remembering The Xbox.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of original Xbox's release. So now it's time to have a good discussion for the celebration: What are your favorite memories from Xbox?


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The blades.

Having a threesome with a princess and a farm girl in Jade Empire.

My favourite memory is playing 4 player split-screen multiplayer in Halo 2.

I'm playing though Stubbs the Zombie and Grabbed by the Ghoulies at the moment. They're both pretty good.

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Today marks the 10-year Anniversary of Xbox. On this day on 2001, the Xbox was launched with a dozen titles, including Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s been a fantastic 10 years, and to thank you we’ve got a little gift for Xbox LIVE Members: A free prop for your Xbox LIVE Avatar. This free item will be available in all Xbox LIVE regions until this Saturday, so be sure to add it to your Xbox 360 download queue now.

If audio is your thing, I went into the Xbox archives and found this clip from the Original Xbox dashboard. This is the audio effect that was used to transition from one section of the Original Xbox dashboard to the another.

On behalf of everyone at Xbox, thank you for being a part of 10 great years of great gaming.

I could finally stop staring at my copy of Halo and actually play it. The Xbox was supposed to release on the 8th but was delayed by a week. I was able to get my game on that day but no console.

Thanks for the post chickinonachain

I had a Gamecube last generation, and before that a Dreamcast, N64, SNES and NES.

I was playing online with games like Phantasy Star Online and Alien Front Online (which had voice chat) on the Dreamcast the year Xbox and Gamecube launched.

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Thanks for the post chickinonachain


Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

My first memory of the Xbox was shortly after my brothers first tour in Afghanistan 2003 when he bought the Xbox, KOTOR and Burnout 3. I didn't actually get to play them he made me watch.  


A year or so later I got my own and fondly remember Fable, Halo's, Burnout 3 and The Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders.

Well the original Xbox was the first games console I'd owned since the PlayStation One.  I used to be a PC only gamer before I bought an Xbox.  I was also quite late to the party too, I bought the original Xbox in late 2004, but once I hooked it up to my old CRT TV I was hooked.  I actually started to play on this more than my PC, even though my PC was more powerful.

I still have this old original Xbox console, and it still works perfectly.

My favourite games were:

Burnout 3
Burnout 2
Halo 2
James Bond: Eveything or Nothing
Outrun Coast to Coast

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