Remembering Gears of War 2..

Well guys, it's almost around the corner. In a week and a few days we will, all be playing Gears of War 3. So, how about we take some time to remember our times in Gears of War 2. Good or bad, leave a post telling us what you are going to remember from your time in Gears 2.


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I am going to miss the times when I was the underdog in the HoF in Gears of War 2. 

I remember I got to play as a HoF sometimes when room was available and it would make me feel good when some games I came through and 'beasted'. The times were I clutched it and everyone cheered for me. The times where I could be called a legend. The times where my teammates actually liked me. The times when I made them laugh. The times when I.... I could go on forever but.. the point is Gears 2 was a pretty fun game for the most part but being a HoF made it even more fun.

Well I guess about a week from now we will be playing Gears of War 3 and starting a whole new chapter as a HoF and hopefully ending off in a happy note and we are proud of the game that we 'beast' in.

I just hope for the next chapter the HoF reunite and dominate Gears 3 like no other 'clan' will ever do to a game. And as much as I've been through a lot with Shemp Howard my biggest memories are with him and the laughs we shared with him commentating and making those level 100 videos.

I guess the best way to end off the Gears of War 2 journey is with our very own song:

- Lil Dogg aka King Mark


I don't have a good HOF themed memory since i wasn't with them. What i remeber are the times where i clutched to help my team win. That's big because of the problems that everyone had to deal with.

I also have bad memories of being screwed by this game also but in the end i enjoyed this throughly.

I will always remember killing all five players on the enemy team without any help from my team. Have no idea what they were doing since none of them died but none of them got any points that round. That and some not so awesome Wingman moments wiht my friend CREED AND EVE.

jacinto + hammer + spawn kill. nuff said. [whisper][whisper]

When I got my first superman. I couldn't stop laughing.

Back when Gears of War 2 had the bridging to host 4 friends and I went into matchmaking there was a level 100, 2 Lieutenants and the rest were Sergeants (before they changed it to levels) and we played all the rounds we beat them to the 4th round on Ruins(they were terrible) and after that they started lag switching. They tied it 4-4 and 3 of my team mates quit it was only me and a friend left 2vs5 and we stayed together thru the last round manged to wipe out 2 players each with only they were trying to be "fair" since it was handicapped now since they realized they had one guy left they started to lag switch again it was so intese cuz I told my friend it would be so hummiliating if they lost so I told him if they started to lag switch as soon as he noticed it to start jumping and moving around turns out it worked out the last guy ran into a planted grenade (while lag switching) that I had put on one of the vaults near the stairs and won the match!! We were started to laugh our a**es off!! and obviously reported them and smacked talked them for cheating and being bad at it too! lol :)

So many good times! Mark brought a tear to my eye! We did have some good times! Mine where just beasting and pistol whipping.  Chainsawing and meleeing! All that good stuff! Hanging with the other HoF! Just that whole myth behind us.  How people were so scared to play us! Winning the tournaments online and all that stuff.  We made our opponents scared.  It was like on paper we may not look very good against these other teams who use that modded hammerburst! BLACK WINGDING or my boy BOSTON!!! But no matter what we still got the win!  Fun times...I will do a response video soon looking back at what I think about my career in Gears1 and 2 and the Legacy I will leave behind!

I'm gonna remember bodying shemp on blood drive when he tried to hide behind grenade spawn and his shiny gold lancer came roaring at me. Two shotgun shells did the trick.

I remember when we burned the villages, and we raped the horses, and we rode off on the women, and uh we pruned..........the hedges....of many small villages.......

I remember when a moose bit my sister once.  Oh, wrong story.

I remember losing all my stats like the 3rd week after Gears 2 got released.  Really hope that type of thing doesn't happen with Gears 3.  I just remember the story and being really taken back by what happened to Tai, and then so surprised what happened with Dom.  Woah!

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