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Most Big Team Battle games now are Bomb or Capture the flag, which is fine with me I enjoy playing them. What I like even more is when at least some of my team is playing the same game I am. It seems no matter what the game is most people treat it like Slayer. I played a game of CTF on Abridged and right off the bat the other team was all over us. I thought GREAT a tough challenge! But nobody went for our flag, well maybe once or twice but after that they kinda stopped. Nobody on my team went for the flag either. At that point I got a Mongoose and calmly rode over to their flag and picked it up. After waiting about 30 seconds I realized no ride was comming so I walked the whole map to my base where at the last 20 or so feet someone offered a ride ( thanks for trying) but I declined. One guy did catch on to the fact that somebody wanted to play and maybe win he became my wheelman and the game was soon over in about 90 seconds. Im not mad it was kind of an easy win, just try to keep in mind there is a goal sometimes.

Only time I ever see this is on Halo 3 during Lone Wolves matches. It just turns into the usual brawl, and if the gametype is Oddball or King of the Hill, it's pretty easy to sneak around and pick up a win in less than 5 minutes.