Remember how over-the-top Ninja Blade WAS?

Sweet servers above, SR3rd should change the name to Rick Diculous!  Cutting your girl's parachute to somersault through  charging airplane killing everyone in your path?!  Suddenly, surfing a missile into a demon helicopter seems so, I dunno, blase...


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And it's only level 2...

Actually you don't cut Shaundi's chute... she doesn't have one on when both your character and her fall out the back of the plane. Your character catches her, then drops her, blasts the windscreen of the plane etc etc.... then catches her at the end. Simple. Nothing unusual when compared, say, to a Hollywood movie.

just to expand on death heads quote it goes like this:

cars fall out one of them hits you then Shaundi loses her grip and falls you catch her hand in hand (lol aww)

then when there hand in hand they lose clutches (bum, bum bum) and you go in to catch her then before you can morning star come and grabs a hold of you and you have to press buttons then you go in and catch her avoiding the airplanes cargo

then once you catch her your person (boy or girl) says this along the lines of "i think that airplanes gonna try to ram us"

Shaundi says "you have a plan right?" then your character says "i'm gonna shoot at the airplane's windshield kill  the pilot  then jump out the back." Shaundi says "you mean we right?" then you drop her do as you said what you were gonna do then as your doing that before you meet the airplane you say something along the lines of "stupid plan" or such.

you jump out the back after a cut scene and catch Shaundi  after a morning star comes and does what he does above before and then you catch Shaundi and before that you kill some morning star people and land in Steelport all  done :)

-quote on self:

wow -,- that was a huge spoiler .....